PMP - 115 - SS316

Pump Model Connection

Max. Flow

Max. Head
Std. Duty Point
Sp. Gr.
Motor/Kw Phase
Suction Discharge
PMP-115 1 1/4 BSP Female 1 BSP Male 100 11.5 50 LPM/ 3 Mtr 1.3 0.75 KW 1 - 3

S S Series Precision’s Sealless:
Explosion proof type centrifugal pump in stainless steel is now introduced in response to the process industry growing concern for the environment, the safety of plant personnel, and the high ongoing cost of mechanical seal maintenance. It is an ideal pump for use in installation handling toxic, noxious, inflammable or corrosive liquids such as Nox or freongas where leakage to atmosphere cannot be tolerated.

This sealless process pump is also applicable to slurry or the liquid of temperature up to 450 deg/c. S S series Pumps are also available in S. S. 304, S. S. 316, L, Alloy-20, Hastelloy – BC, Monel and Titanium.

Pumpage is hermitically sealed in a thick, rugged stainless steel pump casing. Magnetically driven, sealless pump construction assures you of leak freeness. The pump never soils surroundings, but maintains safe and clean environment.

Drastically saves Maintenance Costs:
Silicon Carbide
wet bearings, the core of pump, extensively reduce wear and corrosion, and provide extremely long life (interchangeable front and rear). Thanks to its Back pull – out design and slip – fit construction, Precision’s Pumps are easy to disassemble and reassemble on – site without special tools or skills required.  Easy of maintenance extensively curtails the relative costs and resolves the shortage problem of plant manpower.

Extremely Safe Pump Design:
The pump is explosion – proof design. Silicon carbide bearings, the only frictional parts in wet end, eliminate the possibility of jamming by rotational contact.
Pump and motor are separately positioned so that leak of pumpage if any never affects electrical equipment.
Optinal high – pressure secondary containment is available to eliminate pumpage leak through corroded rear casing.
Pump and rear casing are completely drainable through a casing drain plug.

  M.O. C
Volute Casing
  S. S. 316-L
  S. S. 316-L
Rear Casing
  S. S. 316-L
  PTFE / Grafoil
Shaft Sleeve
  Silicon Carbide
Bush Bearing
  GFR- PTFE, Carbon’ Silicon Carbide
Front Thrust Washer
  Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide
Rear Thrust Washer
  Tungsten Carbide, Silicon Carbide
  S. S. 316 L