PMP - 30 - GFR - PP

Pump Model Connection

Max. Flow

Max. Head
Std. Duty Point
Sp. Gr.
Motor/Kw Phase
Suction Discharge
PMP-30 18mm Hose Type 18mm Connection 30 3.4 22 LPM/2 Mtr 1.1 46 Watt 1

•  The Specific gravity limit indicated above is the value at the max. Shaft power level and the liquid viscosity of 1mPa*s (1cp).
•  Liquid temperature range: 0 to 120 C.
•  Slurry: inquire to your nearest precision representative or dealer.
•  Flange type is available on request.
•  Pump Model 115 & 300 available in flame proof motor also.

Chemical Resistance:
Pumps are built using high chemical and mechanical resistance thermoplastic materials GFRPP or PVDF suitable for temperatures between 0° C to 120° C depending on the materials. Non- plastic parts in contact with the pumped fluid are made utilizing excellent corrosion resistance materials such as 99.7% highly purity Alumina ceramics and GFRPTFE.

Working Principle:
A group of drive magnets turns jointly with the electric motor shaft generating a magnetic torque that allows the second magnet group on which is moulded the impeller. These pumps do not have conventional mechanical shaft seals as pump chamber is shielded by casing and impeller is operated by magnets. This magnetic drive pump range due to absence of shaft seal can be installed in all plants and machines where leakage problems must be avoided.

Centrifugal, single stage, with opened, semi closed or closed impellers. These pumps can be dismantled and assembled without any special tools and pump parts can be easily replaced bringing down the maintenance cost.

Volute Casing GFR-PP PVDF
Impeller GFR-PP PVDF
Rear Casing GFR-PP PVDF
'O' Ring FKM FKM
Shaft AI2O399, 7% AI2O399, 7%
Front Thrust Washer AI2O399, 7% AI2O399, 7%
Bust-Thrust Bearing AI2O399, 7% AI2O399, 7%
  Material Label in this catalog
GFR-PP Glass fibre reinforced Polypropylene
PVDF Polyvinilidenefluoride
GFR-PTFE Glass fibre reinforced Polytetrafluoroethylene
CFF-PTFE Carbon fibre filled Polytetrafluoroethylene
A12O399,7% Alumina Ceramic at 99, 7% (high purity)
FKM Fluorinated elastomer (p.e.: VITON)
EPDM Ethylene - Propylene rubber
FEP Flurinated, Ethylene - Propylene copolymer